Brad Schoener
Brad Schoener

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May the positive, inspirational, motivating and loving spirit of Brad continue to sustain his family, all of you as music faculty, and mostly, his beloved Upper Darby kids. We love you Brad, we know you can hear us, and your legacy will be eternal for every life that you have touched. - Barb
Barb | March 20, 2009

As our prayers go out for Brad and his family, I wanted to share a poem I felt compelled to write as I was trying to absorb the sad news. Gene

The Upper Darby Music Man

Remember his long hair
A blowing in the wind
Baton a waving, our Pied Piper
Rocking out at the podium

Looking back now it’s so clear to see
Maestro’s bold vision
Looking back now it’s so clear to see
He was on a mission

So strike up the band for the
Upper Darby Music Man
And play it loud and play it grand for
The Upper Darby Music Man

Awakening music in souls
Wherever it lay sleeping
And who among us could resist
The beat he was a keeping

A thousand eyes upon him smiling
And across their instruments
Little fingers were a flying
Family and friends our tears we kept a drying

So strike up the band for the
Upper Darby Music Man
And play it loud and play it grand in memory of
The Upper Darby Music Man

A spirit rose up in the night
Trumpets blaring
Soaring towards the Light
And our thunderous ovation for
The Upper Darby Music Man

Gene | March 20, 2009

You will be with us forever. We miss you
Sharrell Donatien | | March 20, 2009

The angels are rocking tonight. Brad Schoener was the inspiration to hundreds of kids and their parents. He will always be a part of their lives as well as the school district. Thank you for sharing him with us. - Dawn, Tim and Jimmy Madden
Dawn Madden | | March 20, 2009

He will be missed by MANY! No one could compare to Mr. schoener..He lived his life for others. R.I.P!!
Brianna H. | | March 21, 2009

I am sure Mr. Schoener already has a heavenly band put together. They are probably practicing right now. In fact, he will probably organize MANY bands so that he can do what he loves best ALL of the time! We will miss you Mr. Schoener. From the Nitz musical family.
Sue Nitz | | March 21, 2009

Mr.schoener is the awesomest person i have ever met ! He is my Martin Luther King Jr. we love you mr.schoener <3
Nana | | March 21, 2009

Mr. Scheoner is "The Best." If there was Olimpic Medal to play the "Olimpic Theme", he would have won. He was always "In The Mood". He would never say"I Dunno" if I asked him a question.(Notice that I used the songs we did with him)I MISS YOU!!
Lydia | | March 22, 2009

I must say that I have been blessed to have met such a great man. Mr. Schoener taught my daughter Mykel Greene how to play her first instrument in the 4th grade @ Bywood Elementary School.Since then Mykel has exciled to playing other instruments as well, with all thanks to Mr.Schoener.
Mr. Schoener will be terribly missed.
The Greene Family thank you Mr.Schoener from the bottom to the top of our hearts. We will keep you in our memories forever. WE LOVE YOU MR. SCHOENER.
Josephine Greene & Family | | March 25, 2009

Many people think that death is about saying goodbye and thinking about the lasts, but I think differently. In this there will not be any lasts or goodbyes. Just always. We will always love you. We will always remember you. And you will always be our inspiration. You may gone from the world, but you're not gone from our hearts. I hope you know that we all thank you for your courage, inspiration and love for us and music.
Kate Hanna | | March 29, 2009